Hobby projects

Here is a list of some of the projects I've done in my spare time. Look for the star marks to see the ones I'm most happy with.

Screenshot from code using MereTheme
MereTheme ⭐
an open source frontend framework
I created an open source frontend framework that provides everything you need to create simple websites with minimal effort. I'm using MereTheme for this website. The framework is built with plain html, css and JavaScript.
open source, frontend framework javascript
Playing a home made board game
Maur på Mars ⭐
physical programming board game

I am in the process of creating a physical board game called "Maur på Mars" (Ants on Mars). This game teaches programming concepts to children and helps practice logical thinking. It covers the Norwegian curriculum for programming from grades 1 to 5. The game is built around a story where players are Mars ants that need to save their queen from the curse that converts ants to stone ants. It currently consists of 9 levels, each built with board pieces in different combinations. The levels gradually introduce new programming concepts and have increasing difficulty.

You can choose between four different ants, each with unique special abilities. It supports 1-4 players, which means that you can even solve the levels alone. You play the game by programming your ant with various programming cards.

I am currently looking for a publisher to help bring it to market.

board game development, game design, graphic design, illustrator
Robi ⭐
a programming game for kids
Robi is an educational game aimed at teaching programming to children. It started out as a one person hobby project, and ended up as a part of Gyldendal's digital learning platform, Skolestudio. Between 2020 and 2022, Robi was the most popular activity in Skolestudio for both students and teachers. I won the Female Developer of the Year award for creating Robi.
typescript, react, less, programming, game development, game design, level design, character design, graphic design, educational game, video editing, music composer
Turtlerab ⭐
a side scroller game for mobile and tablet
In this project my daughters (4 and 6 years old) took on the roles of game designers. I created the game based on their design, while they created the graphics and sound effects. The game was launched on Google Play for mobile and tablet devices in 2016. It was built using plain JavaScript without any external libraries.
javascript, game development, programming, mobile development, android
A man playing Turtlerab on his phone
My Little Alien
My Little Alien ⭐
combined workout and tamagotchi app for smart watches
My Little Alien is a combination of a workout app and a Tamagotchi, complete with camera capabilities and Augmented Reality (AR). It was released on Samsung Apps in 2014, two years prior to the release of Pokémon Go. It was created in JavaScript for the Tizen OS. My Little Alien became one of the finalists for Samsung Gear App Challenge.
smart watch development, mobile development, tizen, javascript, game development, game design, programming, drawing
A hand wearing a watch displaying My Little Alien
a spelling game for kids
Boingalop is a little game I created for my daughters. It is a game for training to spell words. Made in Unity and C#.
unity, C#, game development, game design, programming, drawing, educational game
Two kids playing Boingalop on the same keyboard
one picture every day
For more than a decade, I have taken at least one photo each day and added it to a system I call my EFOD project. (EFOD = et foto om dagen / one picture per day). All the photos are tagged, and I can therefore play around with statistics and fun ways to display the images.
javascript, photography, programming
A screenshot from the project showing an image of a cat
an online art gallery
When my mother passed away, I wanted to showcase the art she left behind, and made some relatively simple webpages displaying her images. I went for a simple approach with only plain html and javascript and a timeless design, to avoid having to renew the page.
javascript, html, css
Fabelaktige Fabeline
Fabelaktige Fabeline
a series of platform games
In my younger days, I designed a series of eight platform games centered around the character Fabelaktige Fabeline. These games were created using Klik & Play and Games Factory.
game design, drawing
A home made CD with graphics from the game
My personal website
I created my first website in 1996, and started blogging in 1997. I blogged from time to time over a long period. The first pages were based on static html, but they evolved together with my knowledge of web development. They have been through tons of iterations. In their golden age, they were written in PHP with a MySql database. I had my own blog, forum, image gallery and tons of other personal features. The pages still lives, but are now password protected. I haven't really touched them for over a decade. Newly I discovered that people have started creating personal websites again, and I wanted to give it a new go. The current iteration of is created with my own frontend framework, MereTheme
php, mysql, html, blogg