Photo: Dan Kopf Pedersen


The winner and nominees after receiving the prize
Female Developer of the year
"There has been many great nominated role models this year, but there is one nominated role model that caught the Jury attention. The nominated role model is a highly experienced developer with many years in the industry. She is an engaged and passionate developer that love to inspire other people. She has many successful work and private projects to be proud of, especially the last one. To create and develop her own programming game, and to have motivation to design and illustrate a whole game is impressive. The Jury thinks that through this game, the Winner has a huge positive impact on the next generation of developers." -The Jury
Screenshot from the page announcing winners
App Challenge
Finalist at Gear App Challenge
Samsung held a contest for getting more apps for their smartwatches in 2014. I created an app, 'My Little Alien,' that was selected as one of the finalists and won $2,000. There were 2,785 participants in the contest.


Me giving standing on the stage and speaking at AdaCon
Dan Kopf Pedersen
Speaker at AdaCon 2023
Futureproofing your frontends
I held the first talk at AdaCon this year. I often see a lot of talks and articles about new technology and how to develop new code. However, there is very little about how to maintain your code and ensure it has a long lifespan. It can be very expensive to rewrite products constantly to use the newest technology. Therefore, my talk focused on how to make your frontend code more robust and suited for meeting the future, ensuring that you don't need to rewrite it at every turn.
Me giving a speech in the NDC stream
NDC stream
Speaker at NDC 2023
Robi - a programming game for kids
In this presentation, I took the audience on a journey to show how Robi, a programming game for kids, was created. I dived into how it is teaching different programming concepts and presented more technical details towards the end.
Me giving a speech at JavaZone
Speaker at JavaZone 2015
How to create apps for smart watches in javascript
In this talk, I presented an easy way to write apps for smart watches in JavaScript for the Tizen OS. I also showcased the app My Little Alien, that I had created.

Media & websites

Screenshot from the article
Merethe lager nytt frontendrammeverk
An article about the new frontend framework I am working on, Meretheme. The article describes the thought process behind it and how it is different from other frameworks.
Screenshot from the article
Mange jern i ilden og brenner for læringsbaserte spill
Mine Verktøy
A page with interviews of people where they tell about what tools they use, software, hardware and their gadgets.
Screenshot from the kode24 article
AdaCon: 6 råd for å fremtids­sikre front­enden din
An article describing my talk at the AdaCon conference about how to futureproof your frontends.
Three senior developers looking smug
Tre om hvordan de ble senior
An article on how to progress from being a developer to becoming a senior developer
Screenshot from Arne Magnus' blogg
En flott rollemodell
Arne Magnus
An interview of me by the managing director of Gyldendal, Arne Magnus.
Screenshot from showing the article
Årets kvinnelige utvikler er fra Gyldendal
A news article from describing that I won the female developer of the year award while working there.
Screenshot from the kode24 article
Merethe ville gjøre programmering gøy for barn
A reader's letter where I describe how I created the Robi game and its success.
A photography from the Romerikes Blad paper showing the article
App-solutt gøyalere å lange ut
Romerikes Blad
An article in the local paper about my smart watch app that got to the final round of Samsung's Gear App Challenge.